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    CRI听力:President Xi calls for harmonious co-existence of various civilizations

    Source: CRI    2019-05-16  我要投稿   论坛   Favorite  

    China's President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations on Wednesday in Beijing.

    During the speech, he called for the harmonious co-existence of the civilizations of Asian countries.

    Representatives from 47 Asian countries and non-regional nations were in Beijing for the opening ceremony of the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations, which is focused on the theme of exchanges and mutual learning among Asian civilizations, and on building a community with a shared future for mankind.

    As part of his keynote speech, Xi Jinping said that it was very important for all countries to work towards maintaining a balanced and a harmonious global environment.

    "The world today is moving toward greater multipolarity, economic globalization, and cultural diversity, and is becoming increasingly information oriented. All this points to promising prospects for the future. Meanwhile, instability and uncertainties are mounting, and the global challenges faced by humanity are becoming even more daunting, calling for joint responses of all the countries."

    President Xi expressed his hope that Asian countries could unite to jointly promote a form of economic globalization that is open, inclusive, balanced, and beneficial to all.

    He also encouraged countries across the region to work together to eliminate poverty.

    He noted it was important for countries to create conditions in which other civilizations could develop, while also fostering vitality in their own cultures.

    "To meet our common challenges and create a better future for all, we look to culture and civilization to play their role, which is as important as the role played by the economy, science, and technology. The Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations was convened for just this purpose, and it creates a new platform for civilizations in Asia and beyond to engage in dialogue and exchange on an equal footing in order to facilitate mutual learning."

    President Xi promised that China will embrace the world with a more open posture, and that it will contribute more dynamic achievements to the world's civilizations. He ended the speech by encouraging an exchange of ideas among the attendees.

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