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    BBC News. Hello, I'm Jerry Smit.

    Security forces in Sri Lanka have found fifteen bodies, including six children, after a gun battle with suspected Islamic militants. There was an explosion as troops closed in on a house. They've been carrying out raids following the Easter Sunday suicide attacks which killed more than two hundred fifty people. Anbarasan Ethirajan is in the capital Colombo. Last night they raided a house in the eastern town of Sainthamaruthu in the Ampara district where muslims live in large numbers and now the officials are saying that they found the bodies are fifteen people following this gun fight. And they took a group of journalists also to the site and they think six of them could be suspected Islamists and the rest could be the family members of those men who were killed during the shootout.

    The manager of one of the hotels attack in Sri Lanka on Sunday, the Cinnamon Grand, has spoken of seeing the suicide bomber walking calmly through the building before setting off his explosives. Rohan Karr told the BBC the man aimed to inflict as much carnage as possible with the attack which killed five staff members and fifteen guests at the breakfast buffet. Normally, people come to the restaurant, take the bag off, leave it on the floor. Why this guy walking with this? But we never thought this was the man who's gonna kill us. He sat. He ate. He waited for people together towards the buffet. When he saw a bigger crowd, that's the time he decided this is the time for me to create maximum damage.

    Pakistan has suspended a nationwide anti-polio campaign following attacks on health workers trying to vaccinate children. The government also canceled an evaluation of the vaccination drive that began on Monday. It said it wanted to protect two hundred and sixty thousand polio workers deployed across Pakistan after one was killed in Baluchistan province and others attacked elsewhere in the country.

    The former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has said that the country is being governed by a group of madmen, and that President Jair Bolsonaro may not be able to complete his term in office. He was speaking from inside prison in his first interview since he was jailed for corruption a year ago. Lula reaffirmed his innocence and said he had a clear conscience unlike those who had sentenced him. I think I'm gonna get out of here better than I came in with less anger towards people. You know, I'm going to be a good citizen and I'll be motivated to fight. The former Brazilian leaders said the country's foreign policy had reached the lowest point in its history.

    BBC news.


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