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    BBC news with Julie Candler.

    With more than 80% of votes counted, Spain's governing Socialist Party is on course for victory in the general election, but will not secure a majority in parliament. Their leader, the Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez will need the support of the left-wing Populist Party Podemos, and smaller regional parties to form a coalition government.

    Sri Lanka is banning face coverings following the Easter Sunday attacks that killed 250 people. The announcement makes no specific mention of the niqabs and burqas worn by Muslim women, but says people's faces should be fully visible, so they can be identified.

    Indian security police has raided the homes of two people in the southern state Kerala in connection with the Sri Lankan bombings. Documents and mobile phones were seized.

    Aid workers in northern Mozambique say they have not yet been able to reach many of the people affected by cyclone Kenneth, three days after the storm hit. Save the Children said roads were impassable because of the rising flood waters, and helicopters have been grounded.

    The Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has said that people close to President Trump are trying to provoke military confrontation between Tehran and Washington. Mr. Zarif gave a series of interviews to American media outlets during his visit to the U.S.

    A group in Tanzania representing people with albinism has called on President John Magufuli to intervene personally to help stop the practice of exhuming albinos' bodies. It's believed that they are exhumed so their body parts can be used in traditional medicine.

    The final film in the Avengers franchise "Endgame" has become the fastest film to take billion dollars of the Box office. Global ticket sales in the 5 days since it was launched are estimated to have reached $1.2 billion.

    BBC news.


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