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    The Key to Be Successful 成功的关键

    Source: 恒星英语学习网    2019-04-28  我要投稿   论坛   Favorite  

    What's the definition of a successful person? Most people will think about the money. The more money the person owns, the more successful he means. But the real success is not about money at all, it is about the value he creates. To reach our goal, the first thing we should do is to find our place. Never follow the crowd, because you will be easy to lose yourself and don't know what you want to do at last. Between a millionaire and a farmer, everybody will think the former is successful while the latter is not. But both create the equal value if they enjoy what they do. Or if the millionaire feel annoyed and the farmer is satisfied with his life, then the farmer is more successful. When you find your place, then just keep moving on, never give up, no matter what kind of difficulty you meet. Success is on the way. 

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