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    Massu ready to defend Tennis gold

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    Massu ready to defend Tennis gold
    Massu plays a backhand at the Australian Open 2008 (Photo credit: Sandra Mu/Getty Images)Photo Gallery>>(BEIJING, August 7) -- Nicolas Massu of Chile, Athens 2004 gold medallist in both Men's Singles and Doubles events, said that he would do his best to win more medals for his country after practice at the Olympic Green Tennis Court in Beijing.

    "It's great. I would like to be able to defend a title every week. Four years ago, it was the best days of my life when I won. But now I'm here and I'm trying to concentrate on this Olympic Games. I know that my ranking [No. 125] is not the best now, but it doesn't matter for me. I think when I play for my country, I play better," said Massu on being the defending champion.

    When being asked about his current condition, Massu said, "I am trying to get back. After 10 years I think I have lost a little bit of my confidence. But now I am in a process of trying to recover my game. I think I can keep going."

    Massu will play Belgium's Steve Darcis in the Men's Singles first round competition, which begins on August 10.

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